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The operating environment of molds has been changing along with changing standards of high-performance, environmental loading, and energy reduction requiements.It is our mission to manufacture high quality products at a low cost.
At Wadayama Seiki in order to improve the performance of molds we have the latest evaluation and analysis equipment. Using this equipment we can analyze the level of damage on the mold, and based on the results of that analysis we can propose the appropriate mold specifications.
By relying on our intuition, experience, and the analysis-trial-pricing cycle to determine the mold specifications we aim to increase the performance of the mold. Concerning the result please bare with us as we try to produce the desired products quickly and at the lowest cost.
Measurement of Topography by CCD camera - Surface Examination
Examination of the surace is undertaken by viewing it at 35x to 2500x magnication. Measurements using both 2D and 3D digital images are also possible.
【Surface examination of a used mold】
The scratch is not due to the coating peeling off, but due to the continued damage of the inside of the coating.
Scanning Electron Microscope
Examination of the surace is undertaken by viewing it at 40x to 15000x magnication. Secondary electron images, surface topography images, and compositional images can also be taken.
【Example of an image of the damage on a gear taken using an SEM】
One can see cracks near the troughs of the serrations
【Example of an image of a fractured structure taken using an SEM】
Structure of reciprocal lamination on layer thickness direction
energy dispersive X-ray analysis
While examining the image, elementary analysis of the designated portion is undertaken.
Coefficeint of friction measurment: Ball on disk Type
At low weights (〜5N) we conduct measurements of the coeffecient of friction between materials.The test specimen is measured using a ball (pin) and disk. Estimations of the coefficient of friction, abrasion resistance and adhesive resistance are conducted.
【Example of coefficient of friction measurements taken of a SUJ2-PVD coating】
The coefficient of friction for titanium nitride increases due to adhesion, the abrasion of SKD61 progresses, and when adhesion is not present the coefficient of friction for titanium carbonitride decreases.
Micro hardness analysis: Nano-indentation Type
When measuring a coating's hardnes using the Vicker's hardness test or the Knoop test, the dispacement caused by the indentation becomes thicker than the coating. Therefore, the results of the test are affected by the hardness of the substrate and not just the coating.
When measuring hardness using the nano-indentation method, the displacement, the load is adjusted to be less than 10% of the thickness of the coating so the hardenss of the coating can be measured.The displacement and load of the indenter are continuously measured, and based on the displacement and unloading curve the hardness and coefficient of elasticity is calculated.
【Example of measurements take using the nano-indentation method】
Example of Die and Mold Damage of Different Coatings
For TiCN, damage to the coating leads to punch performance and life. On the other hand, for AICrN and TiAIN, cracks of the Clad Welding Structure leads to punch performance and life
Computer Aided Engineering (CAE): Stress analysis
Using preliminary research of the product design and the results CAE analysis we can create a design that incorporates the most suitable mold materials and surface treatment. At Wadayama Seiki we use a FORGE manufactured by Transvalor, which allow us to perform a variety of CAE analyses.
Using the finite element method we can handle both cold and warm analyses in either 2D or 3D.

By combining our design knowhow and expert analysis we can not only produce the desired products quicky we can also contribute to the problem solving process if problems were to arise.
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