Business Overview

Mold Production

Responding to expectations of precision , quality , and performance
Using state of the art machines such as multi-axis control as well as general purpose tools weilded by expereinced crafstmen we are able to create products with a high level of quality, precicion, and long service life.

Facilities & Equipment Overview
Turning Center
18 units
Machining Center
19 units
Electrical Discharge Machine
21 units
Wire Electrical Dicharge Machine
20 units
Polygon Grinding Machine
2 units
Surface Grinder
14 units
External Cylindrical Grinding Machine
28 units
Internal Grinding Machine
10 units
Tool Grinding Machine
1 unit
Pressing Machine:
3 units
Mirror Polishing Machine
(manufactured in house)
30 units
Mirror Polishing Machine
5 units
Heat Treatment
Breathing life 
into steel.
Over the years we have developed unique heat trement knowhow, which allows us to produce the highest quality steel.
At Wadayama Seiki we can propose the most appropriate heat treatments for all steel materials.

Vaccum Heat Treatment Furnace (200kg)
2 units
Vaccum Heat Treatment Furnace (50kg)
1 unit
Vaccum Heat Treatment Furnace (100kg)
2 units
Atmospheric Furnace
3 units
craftman's skill

Since the fouding of our compnay we have continued to imprve our techniques, and over the years we have cultivated the skills of veteran craftsmen who then passed down their expertise to a new generation of craftsmen.The strength of Wadayama Seiki lies in our ambition to be one of a kind, which stems from our unwavering comittment to execllence of craft.


Direct Milling
Electron discharge and wire electron discharge machining, which was once essential for mold production is being replaced by grinding and cutting, generally referred to as direct milling. Due to the the time it takes to prepare the necessary electrodes and remove a weak electric discharge layer that forms on the surface of the mold,the lead time for electron discharge and wire electron discharge machining is very long. Therefore,here at Wadayama Seiki we try to reduce the use of electron discharge and wire electron discharge machining as much as possible. Regardless of the type of cemented carbide using equipment developed in house and the latest multi-axis machining center we utilize direct milling at high speeds in our production process.
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