Business Overview


Track record in producing industry leading products
From product research to mass production
We currently produce approximately 100 different products every year. By offereing support in product reasearch & design, mold design & forging, trial production pricing, and mass production we support customers throughout the entire product creation process.
From product research to mass production
We also offer support for any problems that may arise.
Product Design
As for product design requests, we will simulataneously create a manufacturing process layout as well as prepare the forging equipment and other requirements. With the support of a team of experienced engineers and CAE we are able to provide the optimal manufacturing layout.
Mold Design
We will create the mold based on the manufacturing process layout. Based on the results of the CAE analysis and depending on the desired volume of production we will select the appropriate materials, surface treatment, and form of the mold. At the same time we will review the forging method. Our forging machine has an excellant mold production track record domestically and abroad.

【CAD/CAM System】
・Excess-Hybrid (C&G systems company)
・Cam-toll (C&G systems company)
Trial Production & Pricing
Per request, pricing and trial production consultations with an engineer are available.
Computer Aided Engineering (CAE): Stress Analysis
Using preliminary research of the product design and the results CAE analysis we can create a design that incorporates the most suitable mold materials and surface treatment. At Wadayama Seiki we use a FORGE manufactured by Transvalor, which allow us to perform a variety of CAE analyses.
Using the finite element method we can handle both cold and warm analyses in either 2D or 3D.

By combining our design knowhow and expert analysis we can not only produce the desired products in a timely manner, we can also contribute to the problem solving process if problems were to arise.
For the sake of confidentiality we will refrain from publishing the names of those concerend as well as pictures of products.
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